Getting Grounded

It's crazy to realize that some things we think aren't true, or if true aren't important, aren't actually the way we perceive them. I'm not talking about anchor beliefs, but the kinds of small, common sense things we all take for granted.

Here's an example for you: Earthing. This is a strange bit of science that says that the earth has an electrical charge and that we do too. Both reasonable and uncontroversial. After all, magnets work because of the earth's electrical field. We can see evidence of our own electrical field through static electricity. Thank you wool socks on carpet.

Earthing is grounding our body’s electrical charge using the earth’s. Make sense? Like grounding an electrical wire, we can get grounded using the earth.

The crazy thing I discovered this week is that earthing makes me feel so good. All you have to do to try this out yourself is to put your bare feet on the grass or soil. You may not immediately feel much, but after 10 minutes I start to feel amazing. Aches and pains lessen, my pulse slows down, and I feel relaxed.

Long term this leads to less inflammation, less free-radical damage, and less chronic illness. All from just grounding ourselves on the Earth.

This is such a huge paradigm shift for me. When I ground I wake up feeling more rested. My ankles and other joints aren’t swollen. My back doesn’t hurt. Amazing.

Try it out! Either outdoors or using a grounding mat. The difference is noticeable and intense. I’m excited to see what the effects are for me after more time.